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Advanced Materials for CO2 capture & Climate tech solutions.

Immaterial facilitates the Energy Transition with Advanced Materials and systems to Capture Carbon emissions from flue-gas at the lowest cost and store Hydrogen most energy- and cost effective. Interestingly, the company core backbone is Computational Analytics of a large data set of synthesised nano porous materials. The company's strong “dry-lab” and “wet-Lab” capabilities support implementations for their clients.

in flexible power cords

Capacitech Energy builds energy storage into the wiring infrastructure of the world to help their customers offer better products that are smaller and have new capabilities. Super-capacitors in flexible power cords empowering batteries and infrastructure for a longer lifespan and better ROI. Super-capacitors are a type of energy storage with a few prominent features: 1) high power density 2) charge and discharge quickly 3) long operating life times.

Zero Carbon Hydrogen production at point of demand

H Quest Modular decarbonisation systems do not require new infrastructure or costly capital investments. They generate ready-to-burn zero-CO2 hydrogen at the point of use for the low price of natural gas and a valuable Carbon Black for substitution of hydro-carbon based products. Microwave plasma pyrolysis cracks natural gas – immediately forming carbon products and liberating hydrogen, while requiring 4x less electricity than electrolysis.

Advanced PFAS-free &
plastic free industrial coatings

Impermea Materials’ unique molecules functionalize ordinary substrates to perform in extraordinary ways—oil & grease resistant (OGR), moisture/water vapor transmission barrier (MVTR), fan-apart adhesives, release coatings, UV blockers, flame retardants, anti-fog, superhydrophobicity and oleophobicity. All at the highest performance standard in the industry, and all without plastics packaging or toxic or dangerous chemicals.

Self-cleaning commercial air purifier with advanced materials

Metalmark Tatama is the first self-cleaning commercial air purifier, based upon embedded bio-inspired, nanostructured material functionalized to break down chemicals, capturing airborne particulates, smoke, VOCs, and pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, and mold. Rather than filtering substances out, the system uses catalysts to actually break down toxic pollutants and inactivate viruses. Even the smallest nanoparticals.

Alternative Sustainable chemicals with Microbial Cell Factories

Sustainable creation of chemicals from renewables is an essential alternative to fossil fuels. MCFs are engineered microbes with simplified biosynthetic pathways that can make desired chemicals from renewable carbon sources such as nonedible biomass or even carbon dioxide. A wide range of compounds can now be produced using MCFs.

AgTech enabling high quality organic crops

Kroptek provides high quality LED lights and Controlled Environment Agriculture solutions and develops Sustainable Farming projects. Bespoke solutions for indoor farming around the world, any time around the year at the lowest cost to the consumer and environment.

Composite material science for innovative security solutions

Litelok’s innovative new materials, processes and patented technology with world class engineering produced the world’s lightest, flexible and insurance rated locks for bicycles, e-bikes and motorbikes. Litelok fused composite armour technology is a proprietary super hard ceramic composite material offering unparalleled resistance without adding extra weight.

Ultra-high concentration microparticle suspension technology

Elektrofi is a biopharmaceutical formulation technology company revolutionising the delivery of biologic therapies. Breakthrough ultra-high concentration microparticle technology platform resolves the limitations associated with intravenously biologic therapies. With a focus on monoclonal antibodies, therapeutic proteins, and other large molecule drugs, Elektrofi creates, develops, and commercialises subcutaneous biologic therapies in collaboration with strategic partners.

Nanomaterials for drug delivery applications

Vector-Bioscience focuses on nanoparticles as drug delivery vehicles. Facilitating drug delivery with lower toxicity, target delivery and an improved shelf-life of RNA treatments. Proprietary MOF solutions produce 10x uptake and slow-release, avoiding burst effect while providing a targeted delivery. Targeted MOFs will offer a high local concentration in the tumours, minimising side-effects. MOF encapsulation produces stable formulations and no degradation even at room temperature. Vectors technology is a Cargo agnostic, plug-and-play platform.

Medicine discovery platform for autoimmune disease

Discovery platform is based on research that the metabolic state of activated immune cells is highly dependent upon their environment during disease onset. Octagon directly uses a large clinical sample collection from patients with autoimmune disease as part of a proprietary discovery approach. Octagon has developed an approach that enables targeted inhibition of specific cell populations during active disease.

Portable brain scanner technology

Traumatic brain injury is the leading cause of death and disability among the under 40s. Cortirio’s portable scanners can be used at the point of care to rapidly diagnose and monitor traumatic brain injuries. Saving time saves brain function, preventing disability and death.

Spectral signature authentication technology

TruTag Technologies developed the most effective product authentication and brand protection solution; addressing the trillion-dollar problem of counterfeit and diverted goods in supply chains. The company develops innovative, cost-effective and practical solutions using TruTag® microtags (“TruTags®”) made of silicon dioxide, or silica. Turning every product into a data point. Giving pharmaceutical companies the power to scan a pill found anywhere in the world and immediately confirm its authenticity.

Organic Thin-Film Transistors (OTFTs)

Unique and patented TRUFLEX® semiconductor and dielectric inks, or liquid electronic polymers, are used to make a new type of transistor that will revolutionize the display industry. SmartKem’s inks enable low temperature printing processes that are compatible with existing manufacturing infrastructure to deliver low-cost displays that outperform existing models.

Visual inspection
AI platform for
the Insurance industry

End-to-end process automation using advanced visual AI sensing for the ‘inspection’ and ‘image-related’ elements of the insurance handling process, by applying computer vision to deep learning. Plus enhancing existing processes relying on visual media by authenticating photos and videos to prevent fraud.

1-click verification experiences
with digital cards

Verified Inc. is the Verified Network. A marketplace for verified identity data, shared with full user consent. Offering 1-Click Free ID Verfication in combination with Customer Digital ID-cards, leading to supercharged partnerships.