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Cleaner alternative fuels
for shipping

Leading full-service supplier of (bio-) LNG to the marine and industrial markets. A pioneer in the transformational shift of LNG as the marine fuel of the future: A safe, scale-able, economical & clean alternative to current conventional oil fuels. Existing LNG bunkering infrastructure allows for the realisation of a green ecosystem without making massive infrastructure investments for a Zero Carbon future basis hydrogen, through a pathway of bio-LNG first and E-LNG in the future. Immediate reductions: CO2 (25%-35%), SOX (100%), Nox (90%) and No small Particulate Matter.

Advanced Materials
for CO2 capture & Climate tech solutions.

Immaterial facilitates the Energy Transition with Advanced Materials and systems to capture carbon emissions from flue-gas at the lowest cost. Plus their MOFs can store Hydrogen most energy and cost effective. Interestingly, the company core backbone is Computational Analytics of a large data set of synthesised nano porous materials. The company's strong “dry-lab” and “wet-Lab” capabilities support implementations for their clients.

in flexible power cords

Capacitech Energy builds energy storage into the wiring infrastructure of the world to help their customers offer better products that are smaller and have new capabilities. Super-capacitors in flexible power cords empowering batteries and infrastructure for a longer lifespan and better ROI. Super-capacitors are a type of energy storage with a few prominent features: 1) high power density 2) charge and discharge quickly 3) long operating life times.

Carbon neutral H2 at scale
and lowest cost

Bespoke computational modelling & reservoir simulation of oil wells for hydrogen production basis seasoned expertise in exploration, process, separation and engineering knowledge. Reservoirs provide the reaction chamber for "In-situ Oxidation" of oil for Hydrogen Production, and CO2 is Sequestrated in the well.

Modular containerised moveable solar trackers

Smart modular pre-assembled and containerised moveable bi-facial solar panels and installations with solar tracking. CEP designs and manufactures redeployable single-axis solar trackers – tailored for use in tough, often remote conditions. While achieving the lowest Levelised Cost of Energy (LCoE) when installation costs are high or when the project life is short.

Zero Carbon Hydrogen production at point of demand

H Quest Modular decarbonisation systems do not require new infrastructure or costly capital investments. They generate ready-to-burn zero-CO2 hydrogen at the point of use for the low price of natural gas and a valuable Carbon Black for substitution of hydro-carbon based products. Microwave plasma pyrolysis cracks natural gas – immediately forming carbon products and liberating hydrogen, while requiring 4x less electricity than electrolysis.

Alternative Sustainable chemicals with Microbial Cell Factories

Sustainable creation of chemicals from renewables is an essential alternative to fossil fuels. MCFs are engineered microbes with simplified biosynthetic pathways that can make desired chemicals from renewable carbon sources such as nonedible biomass or even carbon dioxide. A wide range of compounds can now be produced using MCFs.